So it’s 2019 and the AR game is more than a year old. We had planned on releasing it on new year day but I got busy with Catopia which is really cool to say I helped release that and it’s out in the open.

So Holybeans is still in development. Nick is taking the lead to get it to release state and then it’ll go out and hopefully recoup our loses. The best things about the game are:

  • It’s local mulitplayer. I know AR is new but being able to create a multiplayer game that is local has to have some benefit.
  • Before the Basketball AR game I saw, I don’t think anyone else figured out acceleration for throwing something
  • It’s a very simple game that works and folks can play anywhere which is what I love about AR.

I truly believe HolyBeans to be my best work to current since it’s a full experience in AR and it’s simple to play.

It has been helpful to me to get away from it for a while. I was able to rest before my Boston trip and now I’m relearning and resseting my focus for VR.

AR development is fun but it’s in the most difficult to do IMO? Like VR it’s still new so gotta figure how to sure how to use it well.

I got so many ideas but I really wanna get back into the Virtual so keep any eye out.