Hiyo, I know it’s been a while and I really should try to do these more often and I will. So yeah, I’ve been focused on AR for 2018 which has been a rollercoaster of a year which includes moving in with my best friend, getting a kitten and gf then breaking up with gf and also delving into mobile VR again but I’ll talk about that later.

So yeah, Cornhole is still being worked on. I had a moment a few months ago when I decided that it needed to be released due to the fact I spent all that time on it and Nick and I could get many folks to try it out. It’s a simple game so it won’t be to hard to sell. The goal is to release on my bday Dec 21st. It all depends on me a little lol. It’ll be fine, I mean I know exactly how it works (kinda the only person who knows how it works) so I gotta do is do exactly what I did before but in a more clean way lol.

Also this year I did HVRE again but it’s so weird. I’ve barely programmed on it. Shea pretty much made the game work and I feel kinda bad but my job on the project is Team Lead so I am still useful in many ways. This game will come out and be released no matter what. Catopia is the name, just chose that recently too. It was a amazing process as well to have to find a name that wasn’t taken and related to cats but we got what we wanted so all was well. Catopia originally was gonna be a mix of Niku Nastume and Pokemon Go but now it’s like a AR Niku Natsume but with crafting instead of buying and also dragon cats!

So yeah, this means that at the end of the year, I will have 2 released AR games with my name in the credits which sounds awesome but I gotta say, it wasn’t easy.

At the same time I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been working at my full time job, teaching and doing a VR research project. I’ll post about that later.

I am a busy dude but I think it’ll all pay off at the end when I can show all the work I’ve put into making these projects come to a end.

AR is incredible and I wanna do so much with it, just gotta find the time!