Well it’s evening here at the start of writing this. So right now I’m on the Train Jam for 2018 and as before, it has been amazing! Train travel and working on a game is a lot of fun, just weird that soon I’ll be at the other end of the country.

That’s just what I’m doing for now but I’m here to talk about something more, designing AR games.

 If you’ve seen my projects, you probably know that I’ve been working on a mobile AR Cornhole game. It’s amazing to see folks play and try it out. I’ve been working together on it with Nick W. He was the lead in getting the project started and I helped fill in some gaps by learning more about AR. 

The only AR project I did before I worked on this one was CatMatch AR, a ARCore game I worked on with my friends at the MIT Hackathon. It’s amazing how doing that one project gave me enough knowledge and encouragement to take a chance with CornHole Everywhere aka holybean.

The goal of holybean is to see if it’s possible to create games that you have to have equipment for irl but play in AR. I don’t own any boards or beanbags so if I or anyone wants the feeling of playing Cornhole, they can, anywhere.

In starting to design it, I had one big issue, ARCore or ARKit? At the time, I didn’t have a phone that could run ARCore but I had a ARKit enabled phone but in order to build to iOS, you must also have a Mac. So that’s where first Nick saved the day and allowed me to borrow his Macbook so I could make builds. It was kind fun and interesting too since I’ve never touch iOS development so it’s a challenge to accept and run with it. I had the Windows/Mac problem of just moving around the OS which wasn’t fun but it’s a learning process. I just wish they were the same lol.

I gotta go for now, this is just part 1.