I’m Leonard Wedderburn.

I was born and raised in Lexington, KY, and I’ve been working on games since 2013.

I learned programming and 3D modeling while attending BCTC for my AA, and entered into game development. Since becoming a game developer, I’ve had a lot of incredible experiences working with teams around the country, releasing my first commercial game in 2014, winning Best Interactive VR Design at MIT Media Lab’s first Reality Virtually Hackathon, being IGF nominated in 2018, and being selected as a part of GDC’s Amplifying New Voices program for 2018.

All the while I have been an active member of my local game development community, RunJumpDev, where I am a Board Member. I also helped organize our local virtual reality gathering, a collaborative project known as HVRE, for several years. Being a part of the local organization has allowed me to meet more local developers and organize, manage events and decide the future of the organization as well as opening new doors — while I have been a member of the Advisory Board for BCTC’s GDLT program for years, in 2018 I became an instructor for their game design program.

While I love all of game design, I am especially passionate about VR and AR development and am currently looking for a team that I can become a part of to help create more immersive content.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio site. My family’s motto has always been “Do what you love in life and get paid for having fun,” and I think I encapsulate that in the way that I live today. This is one thought I’ve always kept in mind, doing what I love and enjoying the benefits it gives. For myself, I enjoy the ability to create and test. Being able to take simple ideas and make it possible to share them with others, that’s my goal.